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01 April 2005 Campanha de Esclarecimento sobre os Usos de Mercúrio em Garimpos de Ouro e seus Efeitos Tóxicos Ambientais e sobre a Saúde Humana.
Evento: dia 13 de abril, Auditório Ministro Renato Archer, Ministério da Ciencia e Tecnologia, Brasília, Brasil.
25 July 2004 Visit the web site about GMP activities in Brazil - in Portuguese.
26 June 2004 Summary report: Technical and socio-economic profiles of Global Mercury Project sites.
24 June 2004 GMP News, N°4, March 2004
20 June 2004 Equipment Specification for the Demonstration Units in Sudan
By Marcello Veiga, PhD, Small-scale Mining Expert, Vienna, Austria.
May 2004
21 March 2004 New documents about GMP acivities in
01 March 2004 Assistance in Assessing and Reducing Mercury Pollution Emanating from Alluvial Gold Mining in Ghana - Phase II - Final Report - 2003
Project Manager: Ch. Beinhoff - UNIDO– Vienna
27 January 2004
GMP News, N°3, November 2003
27 January 2004

New page with information about UNIDO representatives in the participating countries.
17 September 2003 Protocols for Environmental & Health Assessment of Mercury Released by Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Miners - Draft
16 September 2003 New Assistant to the Focal Point in Zimbabwe
13 September 2003 GMP News, N°2, June 2003
25 August 2003 Scientific articles about mercury in Brazil, Indonesia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

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