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Marcello Veiga
Chief Technical Adviser
GEF/UNDP/UNIDO Global Mercury Project
Associate Professor
Dept. Mining Engineering
University of British Columbia
6350 Stores Rd., Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z4, Canada
Phone: 001-604-8224332
Fax: 001-604-8225599

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October 2005

Less Mercury, More Gold, and Better Health

August 2005

Programme for the 2005 GMP Global Task Force Meeting, Salvador, Brazil, September 26-28, 2005

Next phase of the GMP
By Marcello M. Veiga

Pilot Project for the Reduction of Mercury Contamination Resulting From Artisanal Gold Mining Fields in the Manica District of Mozambique - Final report.

July 2005

New documents available from Tanzania

June 2005

New documents available from Brazil and Indonesia

Sociological Reports from Brazil, Indonesia, Lao, Sudan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Retorts: Many options and many barriers - searching for sustainable solutions

April 2005

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New document: Protocols for Environmental and Health Assessment of Mercury Released by Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Miners (2004).

Visit the web site about GMP activities in Brazil - in Portuguese.

Summary report: Technical and socioeconomic profiles of Global Mercury Project sites.

The Global Mercury Forum is online at

The Forum has 2 conference rooms:
one related to the GMP and another with a more general discussion forum about issues related to mercury pollution.

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