January 2005

New documents:
1. Mercury in Soap in Tanzania,
2. An integrated approach to mineral exploration and environmental assessment in southern and eastern Africa - a pilot study in Tanzania,
3. ...

  December 2004

The Center for Technical Excellence (Suriname) - University of Washington (Seattle) is on the project map.

Documents about mercury and small-scale mining from GEUS.

New link on the GMF project map: Sustainable development of small-scale mining from GEUS

  August 2004

XIII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment
June 05-09, 2005
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  July 2004

Proyecto MECAA is on the GMF project map.

  June 2004

CHEF projet added on the GMF project map.

A new page with articles on mercury in Asia has been added in the resources section.

  May 2004

New articles added in the resources section: Over 60 PDF articles on mercury in the Amazon are now available.

Links to the Environmental Health Criteria about mercury published by the World Health Organization have been added in the resource section.