The Mercury Network - La Red Mercurio
The "Mercury Network" (Hg-net) consists of a constantly growing group of experts willing to share their knowledge of effects and impacts of mercury use and abuse in small-scale gold mining
  Communities and Small-Scale Mining  
  Mission: To reduce poverty by supporting integrated sustainable development of communities affected by or involved in artisanal and small-scale mining in developing countries.  
  Sistemas Agrícolas Amazônicos - SAAM
Contaminação mercurial dos ecossistemas aquáticos do Rio Tapajós na região amazônica: Uma alavanca para a implementação de modelos agrícolas ribeirinhos baseados no desenvolvimento sustentável
  Ecosystem Approach to Human Health and neurotoxins working group
This working group brings together key researchers from Canada and middle and low income countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, who have done pioneering work on the consequences of gender and social inequities on environmental and workplace exposures to toxic substances and their impact on human health.
United States Environmental Protection Agency
  Global Mercury Assessment
United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP Chemicals
Medline Health Information
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  Mercury in the Amazon
Author: Michael Jørn Mangal
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