PhD (1995)
Brown University


Rushen Shi

1 | Reserch Overview

Mrs Shi works in the psycholinguistic field. She is interested in perceptual capacities of children and the impact of such capacities on grammar development (from birth to the age of 5). Her projects within her research programme focus on these questions:

1. How infants build his mental lexic?

2. What are the phonological representations of lexical units during the different stages of language development?

3. How the initial syntaxic representation interact with morphologic development?

She is interested as well in adult processes of perception and of language production.

2 | Recent Publications

Shi, R., Werker, J., & Cutler, A. (sous presse). Recognition and representation of function words in English-learning infants. Infancy.

Shi, R., Gick, B., Kanwischer, D., & Wilson, I. (2005). Frequency and category factors in the reduction and assimilation of function words: EPG and acoustic measures. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 34 (4), 341-364.

3 | Published Chapters

Shi, R. (2005). Early syntactic categories in infants. Dans H. Cohen, & C. Lefebvre, (Eds.), Handbook of categorisation in cognitive science. Elsevier.