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The Isa Harp is a joint project between Peter Sych and Lisa Lang. The harp is a Programmable MIDI/Multimedia Controller consisting of 24 infrared beams (sensors, expandable to 48 sensors for 3 dimensional version of the instrument).

Playing the instrument is accomplished by moving hands (or any other part of the body) within the range of infrared beams to activate sounds, sound effects (digital audio) as well as other control messages for digital light controllers, VGA projectors or special visual effects (interactive 3D hologram creation, instant fog generation).

Every sensor individually programmable by means of supplied software utilities. Programming of each sensor includes a choice of any MIDI control messages wrapped around GM/GS specifications (as well as messages for non GM/GS systems), control of digital audio files/samples and other functions (see above).

Every sensor instantly reprogrammable during live show giving the end user a virtually unlimited array of effects required for the performance. Instant reprogramming is accomplished by assigning the function to any of the available sensors.

The ISA Harp was a feature at the recent Chookahs Children's festival at The Arts Centre, Melbourne. Visit the isa-harp blogspot for video of the Isa Harp in action

Isa Harp

First prototype of the Isa Harp

Isa Harp

Peter Sych of Applied Multimedia Technology is an internationally recognised software developer who has made significant contributions to Arts and Multimedia in Victorian, Australian and international communities. Peter is currently working on development in Europe.

As director of applied multimedia software development for the Victorian Arts Centre, Peter was responsible for several computer music projects.

"Peter has worked on several public and childrens festival projects for the Arts Centre. These included the design, development and construction of a large scale piano for children to walk on in the Arts Centre foyer and a switched carpet design to trigger sounds for the Lawn Stage. With each of these designs, Peter has made a major contribution to the magical visitor experience that was being sought." Adrian Alexander, The Arts Centre

Peter's achievements as a digital music instrument developer, include the SoundHouse Special Access Kit, incorporating the Banana Keyboard, which with specialised software provides a unique system to allow people with disabilities to access to the wonderful world of music creation and an innovative interactive digital laboratory for Casio.

Peter's Piano Roll to MIDI conversion system was built for International Music Show in Darling Harbour - Sydney 1995. As part of the team which developed Thomas Fitzgerald's concept of the Peace Song Tapestries, Peter created the Studio, a sound recording studio to be used by youth to create songs of peace.

Peter's most recent project in partnership with Lisa Lang is the Isa Harp, a Programmable MIDI/Multimedia Controller consisting of 24 infrared beams.


Walk on keyboard at the Arts Centre


First banana keyboard prototype at Science Works in Melbourne

Peter Sych and the Walk on keyboard at the Victorian Arts Centre

Peter Sych and and the first banana keyboard prototype at Science